East Bay Resources

If you are an East Bay resident looking for support installing a productive edible space on your property, there are two organizations that come highly recommended from All Edibles:

Planting Justice has designed and installed more than 150 urban permaculture gardens throughout the East Bay. Their installations can include any of the following elements: edible landscaping, raised beds, native/drought tolerant plant xeriscaping, medicinal herb gardens, greywater system design and installations, rainwater catchment systems, urban animal husbandry, earthen oven and cob bench installations, composting, and more! As a nonprofit organization, Planting Justice is creating living-wage green jobs in our community, and for every three full-paying clients, they install a permaculture garden for free to a low-income family or community center.

Star Apple Edible Gardens provides edible garden design, installation, and full-service maintenance & harvesting services. They specialize in growing clean, organic food for their clients by building and protecting soil on site, planting and pruning for greater yields, and working with the natural ecosystems of your property to produce a dynamic, productive and beautiful garden.

If you are interested in a more DIY-installation, and are looking for Bay Area specific resources, I recommend this website:

Bay Friendly Landscaping and Gardening Coalition offers many resources and classes for the residential and landscaping professional community.

If you are interested in supporting organizations that advocate for a thriving food-system in Oakland, or the greater East Bay, I recommend looking into:

WOW Farm

City Slicker Farms

Oakland Food Policy Council

East Bay Urban Agriculture Alliance


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