Sara’s interest in gardening began when she was a young girl. She has fond memories of picking grandma’s prize winning cherry tomatoes, learning about the importance of attracting beneficial insects from her grandfather, and working in her parents’ sizable suburban garden in West Linn, Oregon. In high school, she became increasingly interested in nutrition where, in addition to eating more fruits and vegetables, she identified an intrinsic passion for lowering our ecological footprints by developing consciousness surrounding the foods we consume.

Childhood Garden

Childhood Garden

Sara completed undergraduate school at Whitman College in Walla Walla, Washington, majoring in English and minoring in Film Studies and Rhetoric. She holds a Masters degree in Sustainable Business and Ecological Entrepreneurship from Dominican University in San Rafael, California. What began as her final project for business school in 2006 — a flushed out business plan for an edible landscaping business — was actualized and became her livelihood and platform for activism for years to come. In the six years she owned and operated All Edibles in the Bay Area, Sara designed and installed over eighty food-producing urban gardens and instructed hundreds of individuals how to maintain and sustain edible gardens over time.

Instructing a residential client on garden maintenance

Instructing a residential client on garden maintenance

Sara worked closely with a number of urban agriculture and food justice organizations in the Bay Area. She was a trainer for the Bay Friendly Landscape & Gardening Coalition, a board member of City Slicker Farms and a member of the Oakland Food Policy Council. She worked with the Ashland Cherryland Garden & Arts Network to develop a train-the-trainer garden curriculum and neighborhood-run garden installation task force. She managed a youth-run farm in West Oakland called WOW Farm, where she developed urban agriculture and business curriculum for urban teenagers.

2012 WOW Farm Youth Crew Members

2012 WOW Farm Youth Crew Members


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